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Alien Affection
Hidden object / Puzzle game for Windows PC and Android devices
(The Android and Windows versions are sold separately.)
Alien Affection is a heart-themed puzzle game with a sweet Valentine's day story.

75 levels as follows:

  • Heart shapes (25 levels):
  • Select the shape that the given heart will fit into  

  • Broken hearts (25 levels):

    • The hearts are broken into 2 pieces each
    • Find the matching piece that will form a complete heart with the shown piece

  • Lost hearts (25 levels):

    • Find the heart that matches the character in the middle

  • Get 25 out of 30 shapes right to pass a level
  • Replay any level to get gold which requires a perfect round
  • Items are randomly selected and will be different each time you play

Play casual or expert and switch between them at any stage.

Casual Mode:
  • No timer
  • Skip a shape if you're stuck
  • 10 wrong taps allowed

Expert Mode:

  • Limited time to find each shape
  • 5 wrong taps allowed
Game development and programming:
Created and programmed by Janette.

Story:  Penny Veline  (If you’d like to contact Penny please use the form on this site and we’ll forward the query to her.)

Lost hearts and the story were rendered in Poser and made use of the following main characters as well as textures created by a variety of vendors:
  • Yweeb by Nursoda (copyright holder: Frank van Rueschen)
  • Bobolina for Yweeb by didda

All other graphics were originally created by Janette.

Royalty Free Music: Album named Best of Pro - Track named Goodnight.

System Requirements - PC version
Display resolution is 1280 x 720.
Tested on Windows XP and 10.

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