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My name is Janette van der Vyver. I live in South Africa. All the games on this website were developed / programmed by me, with a little help from other people - mostly those people who volunteer to help in forums or write tutorials.

If you encounter any problems with the games or would like to give me feedback feel free to use the form below.

Over the years I’ve used GameMaker, Clickteam Fusion Developer 2.5 and Unity.  (The majority of the games on this site were written in Clickteam Fusion.)

Pizzantropia is a collaboration between Janette, José Sépi and John Paul.  José Sépi and John Paul are in Argentina. The Spanish text on this site was provided by John Paul. The illustrations for Pizzantropia is the original and copyrighted work of José Sépi.

Pizzantropia es una colaboración entre Janette, José Sépi y John Paul. José Sépi y John Paul están en Argentina. El texto en Español de éste sitio fue provisto por John Paul. Las ilustraciones de Pizzantropia son el trabajo original y con derechos reservados de José Sépi.

The pizza topping drawings on Pizza Toppings Drop and drawings for Undersea Confusion are also the original and copyrighted work of José Sépi.

This website does not track you or use cookies BUT this site does have third party widgets on it that tracks you as far as necessary to facilitate buying and viewing the game on their website.
Please note some browsers will track you and create cookies to show you visited this site.  It’s a setting on your browser - you can turn it off.

Widgets for PC games are provided by Itch.io and HumbleBundle.com - the checkout, processing and game downloads will happen on their sites, not this one.  They will maintain your account details and purchase details on their systems.

Playful Cuddly Companions and Petal Puzzler Shapes make use of Unity analytics that is tied into the in-app purchase.

Unity tracks the following:

  • New installs
  • Daily active users
  • Monthly active users
  • Total sessions
  • Sessions per user
  • Time spent in app
  • User segments for country and platform

Unity does not give me individual user data, only a summary of user behaviour.  This information is collected and stored by Unity Technologies.  

Please note this does not apply to the two games published in Amazon App Store.
Privacy Policy - games
  • Evolutionary Casual Games does not collect any personal details.
  • If you contact Evolutionary Casual Games, I will keep your contact details only long enough to reply to you, if necessary, else it will be deleted.
  • The sites that do the payment processing on my behalf do not share your payment information with me. Depending on the site they may share your name and your e-mail address with me but this information is stored on their computer, not mine.  
  • With the exception of the two games mentioned above (Petal Puzzler Shapes and Playful Cuddly Companions), none of my games collect, store or share any player information.

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