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Trinkette's Enchanted Journey Episode 2
Story-rich, fantasy casual game with puzzles, hidden object and sales levels

Coming September 2024

Scene 1: Coven Caves
  • Trinkette meets the Outsiders, Insiders and Nosiders at Coven Caves.
  • Everyone puts pressure on Trinkette to choose a side.

Scene 2: Talltreeville
  • Trinkette is surprised by the customs of Talltreeville.
  • She mostly engages with the women there and must barter because the women don't have money.
  • Trinkette makes a new friend who is going to accompany her for a short while.

Scene 3: Dragons Burrow
  • The dragons ask Trinkette to serve them food.
  • The dragons are impatient and have very restrictive requirements.
  • Trinkette leaves with...  (you'll have to read the story to find out).

What's new in Episode 2?
  • Episode 2 takes place during late autumn and winter. (Episode 1 takes place during the last month of summer, and first month of autumn.)
  • Because it gets dark early, Trinkette changes her daily routine: her day now starts with finding supplies (hidden object), making goods (puzzle games), and selling the items she made (time-management / sales levels).

  • There are 6 new types of hidden object games with 3 different scenes each.
  • There are 18 new puzzle-type games.
  • Trinkette still sells to passersby at Coven Caves.
  • Talltreeville introduces a new sales' level where Trinkette can choose what to barter for. She must consider all the offers and exchange her goods for the best deals. (There's no penalty for rejecting an offer.)
  • At Dragon's Burrow, Trinkette serves the dragons but fortunately she can send her enchanted leaf to take the goods to the impatient dragons.
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