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Find Fifteen Fairies
Hidden object / Puzzle game for Android devices and Windows PC
(The Android and Windows versions are sold separately.)
Find Fifteen Fairies is a mixed hidden object, memory and puzzle game with:

  • 5 different games,
  • 120 levels,
  • 15 different backgrounds, and
  • 135 different fairies.
Find 15 unique fairies:  45 Levels
  • Find 15 unique fairies.
  • Do not click the duplicates. If there are 3 of the same fairies, it doesn't matter which 1 you click but don't click the other 2.   
  • When there are more than 15 unique fairies in a level - just select any 15.
  • These levels are different each time you play.  
Find 15 fairies:  30 Levels
  • Find 15 hidden fairies.
  • These levels are the same every time.
Spot the difference memory game: 15 Levels
  • Find the differences between two pictures that are not side by side.  
  • Look at the first picture, press the "ready" button and the picture will change.  
  • Click on the areas where the new picture differs from the first picture.  
  • There are 3 to 5 differences per level and they're the same every time you play.
Spot the pattern memory game:  15 Levels
  • 15 fairies are arranged in a pattern.
  • Look at the pattern and remember it.
  • Press the ready button and the picture will change.  
  • Click the fairies that changed - there will either be a different fairy in the spot or the direction they're facing might change.  
  • There are 3 to 6 differences per level and they're the same every time you play.
15 Fairies classic memory game: 15 Levels
  • This is the classic memory game where you reveal cards to find a matching pair.  

On tablets and cell phones the fairies are small enough to be somewhat hidden but large enough to be seen. If played on a large-screen PC the fairies are easier to spot, but finding 15 unique fairies is still tricky. Passing the levels are easy - the challenge is to get gold.

Casual mode:
  • No timer;
  • more wrong clicks allowed;
  • hints on certain levels.

Expert mode:
  • Limited time;
  • fewer wrong clicks allowed;
  • no hints,
  • pictures change when you press ready or when the timer runs out - whichever happens first.

Note on the screenshots
The video and screenshots shows the Android version of the game designed for small screens.
On a PC, the fairies in the hidden object levels are smaller.
Game development and programming:
Created and programmed by Janette.

The backgrounds and fairies were created by a variety of graphic artists who sell their work for commercial use and are not exclusive to this game. Additional objects were placed on the backgrounds and / or they were touched up.

The majority of the fairies were created by Christen Hernandez (faerydae).

The graphic artists whose work I used retain the copyright in their original creations.

Music created using Magix Music Maker.

System Requirements - PC version
The display resolution is 1280 x 720.
Tested on Windows XP and 10.

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