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Quirky Emotions
Puzzle games to match your mood for Android devices
In Quirky Emotions you play puzzles based on how you're feeling - happy, sad, in love, angry or neutral.

● 5 moods
● 5 different puzzle games
● 5 variations for each mood and game
● 125 different puzzle games in total
● Jump in anywhere and play that game
● Games are not saved or tracked - it’s up to you what you play and in what order

Puzzle Games
Jigsaw puzzle - Build a puzzle using fixed shapes.

Move together -  The faces move together. Play strategically to move them to a square that matches their colour.

Find 2 friends - Place connecting pieces so that every face is connected to at least 2 other faces.

Logical faces - The faces are placed in a pattern with missing faces. Place the missing faces in the right spots.

Slider puzzle game - Slide the tiles around to form a picture.  

Extra Features:
  • You can choose to play easy or difficult puzzles.
  • The game removes a wrongly placed piece automatically in the puzzle and logic games.
  • Because the slider puzzles are different sizes and randomly shuffled each time, there's a feature to swap the last two pieces when the other pieces are in place.

Game development and programming:
Created and programmed by Janette.

All the graphics were created originally by myself, Janette, with the use of some purchased brushes to add effects on the puzzle and slider games.

Music by Devynn LaShure, Echo Blue Music

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