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Covert Dragons & Co
A tricky hidden-object game
Test your attention to detail with Covert Dragons & Co - a hidden-object game with cute characters.

Find the creature that matches the one shown in the grey block.  Look carefully, the difference may be a fine detail like an eyebrow or foot colour.

  • Play 60 levels.
  • Choose casual or expert.
  • Replay any level to get gold (no hints and no mistakes).

  • 5 hints
  • 5 errors allowed
  • No timer
  • 2 hints
  • 3 errors allowed
  • Timed, but you only need to find 25 creatures to pass the level

Game development and programming:
Created and programmed by Janette.

Bird and dragon characters created by Suriyun (many of the textures were changed).

Tim Beek

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