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Shapes on a Shelf
Time management game for Android devices
Your task in Shapes on a Shelf is to make and place the correct objects on the shelves.

  • 50 levels.
  • Variety of shelf sizes, objects and colours.  
  • Full instructions in English.
  • Optional interactive tutorial.  

How to play:

  • Select the object, colour it, then place it on the shelf.
  • Once the shelf is full, deliver it to the customer and serve the next customer.

Goodwill points:

Your score gives you goodwill points that you can use to buy cards in the shop as follows:

  • Time Stop cards - will stop the customer's time (timed mode only).
  • Mistake cards - customer will accept 1 mistake.
  • Wild cards - customer will accept anything.

Mix and match the settings as you want them -

  • Timed Mode: Customers are impatient and will leave if you take too long.
  • Untimed Mode:  Customers will wait until their order is complete.
  • Casual Mode:  Paint pods take longer to change and customers are more patient.
  • Expert Mode: Paint pods will change colour quicker and customers are less patient.
Game development and programming:
Created and programmed by Janette.

  • This is a 2D game using rendered images of 3D objects, rendered in Poser.
  • The shapes and characters were created by a variety of artists who retain the copyright in their original 3D creation.  
  • The textures / colours used were originally created by me.

Music by Devynn LaShure, Echo Blue Music

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