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Trinkette's Enchanted Journey
Story-rich, fantasy time-management game

Meet Trinkette. A young elf, trying to find her real home in this story-rich hybrid casual game (uses British / Commonwealth English).

In Episode 1, we meet Trinkette in the dark forest. We get to her as she meets and befriends Sunshine, another young elf.

Each morning Trinkette sells the goods she made the previous evening. In the afternoon, Trinkette looks for supplies so she can make more goods in the evenings.

Trinkette’s Enchanted Journey Episode 1 consists of:

Scene 1: The Dark Forest
  • Trinkette sells goods to passersby on the pathway through the dark forest.
  • Trinkette looks for items in six different hidden object games including:
    • find the matching object,
    • find the other half of the object shown,
    • find the area in the picture,
    • find the image that matches the outline shown,
    • find the objects one at a time,
    • and find all the beads in the scene.
  • Trinkette makes grape juice (select the right size grapes), bangles (match the shapes or seeds), and necklaces in 6 different puzzle games.

Scene 2: Trinketville Crossroads
  • Trinkette sells goods to passersby on the crossroads.
  • Trinkette looks for items in six different hidden object games. The game play is the same as Scene 1, but with different graphics.
  • Trinkette makes goods in 6 different puzzle games. For example, count the number of berries, swap the blocks to form a necklace, build a heart-shaped necklace and place the shapes in the matching frames.

Scene 3: Trinketville Market Stall
  • In Scene 3, Trinkette sells her goods at the market stall where customers come to her. She also sells frozen berry skewers.
  • Trinkette looks for items in six different hidden object games. The game play is the same as Scene 1, but with different graphics.
  • Trinkette makes mushroom salad (place the food items), fruit salad (memory game), green jewellery sets (slider puzzle), yellow jewellery sets (puzzle game) and ornaments.

Choose upgrades, for example:

  • If Trinkette hires a room, she can make more items and will have more items to sell.
  • If Trinkette buys ice, she can offer frozen skewers in Scene 3. Customers pay more for frozen skewers, but freezing the skewers take longer.

What’s different about this game?
  • You can only sell what you make. If you make 10 necklaces in the puzzle games, you can only sell 10 necklaces the next day. Once they’re sold out, you have to make more goods first. Goods you don’t sell are automatically carried forward to the next day.
  • You can adjust the selling prices based on the forecast.

Casual vs Expert
  • In casual mode there are no timers in the hidden object and puzzle games. You can take as long as you need. The sales’ levels run for a certain time, but you can’t fail them – whatever you sell is fine – even if you sell nothing.
  • In expert mode the hidden object and puzzle games are timed. In the puzzle games if you run out of time, you’ll have less products to sell the next day because you can only sell what you make.

Replaying levels
  • Once goods are sold, they’re gone. If you want to improve your score on a sales’ level, you might need to go back to the previous level and make more items for sale first.
  • In the sales’ levels, the score turns yellow when you’ve reached gold. You’re free to restart the level before it ends to improve your score (but the score might only turn yellow on the very last sale).
  • You can replay the hidden-object levels without affecting the rest of the game.

This game is suitable for all ages, but you won’t be able to play this game if:
  • You’re unable to count to 10. (Two of the puzzle games use this skill.)
  • You can’t distinguish between the colours on the duck screenshot (there are 3 colours and white).

Game designed, written and programmed by Janette.

Graphics are a mixture of 2D graphics and rendered 3D graphics. Some of the 2D graphics are clip art created by a variety of people.

The characters were created by Nursoda (available at Renderosity) and rendered in Poser.

Trinkette is a rendered image modified from this character.

Music and long sounds were compiled from albums created by Tim Beek.

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