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Support for Google Play Store ending
If you had bought any of the games listed on this website through Google Play Store - thank you very much for purchasing the game. Unfortunately, it is no longer practical – or in some cases even possible – for me to update the games on Google Play Store.

If you bought a game there and would like the updates, please use the contact form on this website and send me your Order ID and I will send you a download key for the latest version published on

All the Android games on this website were updated during July 2023. Those updates were mostly to update to the latest Android version and to change the display to fit inside the screen (draw black bars). With so many screen sizes available now, it was the best solution with the software I was using.

If the game works for you, you don't need an update.

Please note this offer does not extend to those who got the games for free (when they were 100% off on Google Play).

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