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The latest news on Trinkette’s Enchanted Journey Episode 1.

We meet Trinkette in the dark forest. Each day starts with a short story segment. Then Trinkette sells the goods she’s made to customers walking past. After work she forages (hidden object) for more goods to make or eat. In the evenings she makes more goods to sell.  

In the dark forest Trinkette will make:

  • Blue bangles (place the gem with the matching shape on the bangle)
  • Gold bangles (place four seeds on the bangle to match the image shown)
  • Green grape juice (select the right grape pieces to fill the glasses completely)
  • Green necklaces (place the beads to match the necklace shown)
  • Brown necklaces (place the right pendants on the necklace to match the image shown)
  • Red grape juice (choose the right size grape piece to fill the different sized glasses)

After spending 20 days in the dark forest, Sunshine, Trinkette’s friend, encourages her to move her store to the crossroads.

Here she still sells to customers walking past but there are a lot more customers. Fortunately, Trinkette can collect magic sparkles to enchant more leaves so she can offer customers more goods.

At the crossroads, Trinkette will make and sell:

  • Blueberry juice (remove the objects that shouldn’t go into the juice)
  • Pinkberry juice (place the correct number of berries in each glass)
  • Red earrings (assemble the items according to their sizes)
  • Gold earrings (place the correct gemstones according to the image shown)
  • Gold necklace (swap puzzle pieces to match the pendant shown)
  • Red necklace (place four puzzle pieces to form a heart)

Finally, Trinkette goes to the market stall. At the market stall customers come to her counter (first-person time-management game). She will make berry sandwiches and skewers to order.

Trinkette will also sell premade goods that she makes separately in the evenings like:

  • Blue ornaments (press stop when the right amount of glue has dropped)
  • Red ornaments (colour the ornaments to match the image shown)
  • Mushroom salad (recreate the salad as shown)
  • Fruit salad (a memory game, but only match the fruit)
  • Green jewellery set (slide the puzzle pieces to make the set)
  • Yellow jewellery set (place the missing puzzle pieces in the right spots)

(The colours may change when the final graphics are made.)

When will Trinkette's Enchanted Journey be complete?

I estimate it will take another 6-8 weeks to complete the game.

The core programming, planning and writing is complete for all the abovementioned features. The game works and is playable but has makeshift graphics in it, so I can’t provide new screenshots.

All the levels are created with enough random elements to be different every time you play. For example, in the demo there are only three green necklaces. In the final version, the beads are randomly generated and are different each time.


So far, the Patreon campaign has been a bust. I will end the campaign soon, because the offer was generous* and as the game nears completion, the early-adopter discounts will no longer apply.

* For every month you pay $5 you get one episode of Trinkette’s Enchanted Journey plus your choice of any of my other games for free – even the ones that cost about $5.  

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